April Nestor - Sunday 24 March 2021

    The Top 5 Business Podcast I'm Listening to Right Now!

    I've finally done it! I've hopped on the Podcast Bandwagon!

    I searched A LOT for just the right podcast to start off my day.

    First, I make my coffee. 

    Next, I get my blanket and sink into my favorite chair. 

    Then, I get to listening!

    In no specific order, here are my Top 5 Podcast I listen to each week!

    1. How to be Awesome at your Job with Pete Mockaitis

    This one has everything from Managing a team, working on self improvement and dealing with work burnout, to dealing with a Boss you Don't Like!

    Honestly, this one is probably my favorite right now! Each Show is 30-40 minutes which is ALL my brain can handle in the morning!

    2. The Modern Manager with Mamie Kanfer Stewart

    I like The Modern Manager because Mamie really breaks things down into a simple to understand format, and she offers actionable advice that is extremely helpful. Some episodes are less than 10 minutes and the longest ones are typically 35 minutes. 

    3. The Workplace Therapist Show with Brandon Smith

    You NEED this Podcast in your life! Brandon has been recording his podcast since January of 2019. There is such a wide variety of episodes to listen to, so any type of workplace issue you are having, you can find a solution in one of his episodes!

    4. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

    The Social Media Examiner is the Godfather of the Social Media Training World and here's their podcast to teach you all about it, in bite size pieces. I would suggest listening to this Podcast as much as possible if you are in a business that benefits from up to date social media marketing! Mike and his guest keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest social media platforms, tips, and tricks. 

    5. No F*cks Given with Sarah Knight

    Do you ever wake up and for some reason you just wanna cuss?? Or at least hear someone else cuss? Sarah is your girl! Sarah started her Podcast at the tail end of 2020 and has recorded 6 episodes so far. Her main Topics so far have been about getting your SH*T together, Just F*cking Focus, and Setting your F*CK Budget. Very Entertaining and Definitely worth a listen!

    I'm looking to expand my Podcast Library so I'd love to know what YOUR favorite Podcast are. Please Comment Below :)

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