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October 01, 2015 2 Comments

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should be Wearing Southern Marsh this Fall!

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Southern Marsh | The Squire Shop 

1. Southern Marsh Authentic Tee  The Southern Marsh Authentic T-Shirt is making a comeback at The Squire Shop in a big way! It’s Southern Marsh’s most popular t-shirt and the people of Carrollton agree as they continue flying off the shelves. It features the Southern Marsh mallard silhouette logo on the back and authentic logo on the front pocket. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a pocket tee folks! It’s 100% lightweight cotton and ultra-soft spun fabric make extra cozy and a must-have long sleeve t-shirt for you this Fall.  

2. Bermuda Performance Polo  It’s hard to believe that the Bermuda Performance Polo is such a great price because of the features that come with it. When creating their performance polo, Southern Marsh zoned in on the things that everyone wants from a polo: protection from the elements, moisture prevention, mobility and comfort. The Southern Marsh Performance Polo is making a big splash with these undeniable and proven characteristics that everyone keeps coming back for! It’s more than just a shirt for the golf course. You can get it in a solid or a stripe, but you’ll probably be getting both, because it’s an everyday go-to that needs to be in your closet.

3. Downpour Dry Cotton Pullover  Our hilarious friends at Southern Marsh, Jake and John, have perfectly demonstrated why you need their Downpour Dry Cotton Pullover in the video below.



If that doesn’t have you convinced then come into The Squire Shop and try it for yourself! If you love being outdoors or happen to be accident prone this is the pullover for you. It will be there for you through rain or snow or having a beer spilt on you at a party. The liquid will roll right off and your friends will be amazed. It’s a hidden gem that you need to discover today!


 4. Max 5 FieldTec Dune Pullover  In the South having a pullover that keeps you warm during the crisp early mornings and chilly nights while still keeping you cool during the warm afternoon would be a dream. Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore! Southern Marsh has constructed a pullover that does all of this. Their Max 5 FieldTec Dune Pullover was created with these specific needs in mind. Our friends at Southern Marsh says it’s their favorite Fall item and we are positive you will agree!  

5. FieldTec Vest  A vest is a staple Fall piece and Southern Marsh has mastered this classic with their FieldTec Vest. You’ll be glad you have it when it’s too hot for a jacket but just cold enough to have you reaching for something to keep you warm. The FieldTec Vest is ready for anything with its thermal poly-fleece that wicks moisture, dries quickly, stops the wind and traps heat. And it doesn’t stop there, the breathable poly-mesh interior creates a ventilation chamber that pushes moisture away from the body while serving as an additional wind-stop. Extra features like hand-warmer pockets and an internal headphone jack outlet will have you showing off your new vest at any chance!  

6. Seersucker FieldTec Dune Pullover  Southern Marsh doesn’t forget about the ladies either! Their Seersucker FieldTec Dune Pullover is stylish for women of all types while containing the characteristics every girl craves in a pullover during the transitional summer to fall seasons: a pullover that keeps you warm during the crisp early mornings and chilly nights while still keeping you cool during the warm afternoons. If you are looking for a pullover that is perfect for walking to class, cheering on your team or lazy days when all you want is a top to keep you cozy the Seersucker FieldTec Dune is for you!  

7. Long Sleeve Rebecca Jersey  Southern Marsh knows that seersucker is a Southern staple that girls of all ages love and their Long Sleeve Rebecca Jersey highlights this trend. It’s a high quality jersey through 100% ultra-soft long staple cotton and the oversized layering and fit will make it a go-to for every laid back occasion. The back features seersucker lettering across the shoulders with a matching seersucker front pocket that contains the ever popular Southern Marsh mallard logo. Come to The Squire Shop and get yours today, because the Rebecca Jersey is a purchase you won’t regret!       


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Squire Shop
Squire Shop

October 04, 2015

Thanks Janet! Be sure to send your mailing info to:

Janet Gembe
Janet Gembe

October 01, 2015

I definitely love all of the long sleeves from Southern Marsh! I will most likely shop here online to get my boyfriend a pullover!

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